Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Kona Things Thursday

How much KONA can I fit in one post??
Hmmmm-I have lots to say....
Coach's feet post Kona -ouch...but this has got to be the best picture ever!!
Kona Thing #1

First and foremost, CHRISSIE!!
Yes, as in Chrissie Wellington. As you know, we are bff's.
Yes...we are. Do I have to put up pics again??
And you probably know that she freaking KRUSHED IT IN KONA.
Now, on any given day she is an animal. A powerhouse. Just an insanely talented athlete.
This woman is made of pure guts.

Well, if you had any questions just how tough this gal is then listen up.
Remember that "little bike crash" Chrissie had just before Kona? Well, there was some pretty good road rash but she did not disclose the extent of her injuries. (read about it HERE)
but here's a line from the article that will sum it up for you-

"...doctors discovered tearing in an intercostal muscle and her left pectoral...The swim that sent Wellington to the hospital five days before the world championship was her final session leading into the race. She missed several swim workouts that week."

yup, she came from 12 back to fight for the win.

Kona Thing #2
I have to give a big shout out to several ladies who kicked A$$ in Kona over the weekend.

And how about my super awesome amazing COACH Sonja!!

photos courtsey of Sonja Wieck

Hello!! Sonja totally rocked it in Kona and finished in 10:08:44-and just check out that finish photo!!
She's amazing-I love her spirit and energy.
Swim- 1:06:42
Bike- 5:26:36
Run- 3:30:16
I am so psyched & honored to call her Coach!

Then there is Maine great, Angela Bancroft.

This summer she did Lake Placid in 10:19 and then went on to finish Kona in 10:26:00
Swim- 1:04:41
Bike- 5:37:15
Run- 3:34:57
I am so proud of her-she is such an inspiration to me.
If Sonja was not my coach, Ange would be sitting at the top of that very short list.

Then there's Mary-IronMatron- another Maine connection and awesome lady!
Mary finished Kona with a smile and executed her day as planned. She finished strong with a time of 11:21:19. Congrats Mary!!

I enjoyed following the Pro's and those triathlon buddies who were competing in Kona on Saturday!

Kona Thing #3:
I am sure most of you are aware that like the prestigious Boston Marathon, Kona is the "mecca" race for triathletes. And like Boston, you need to qualify to race unless you (Boston) run for a charity or (Kona) get a slot via lottery. This week WTC CEO Andrew Messick announced that you can now get a Kona slot if you complete 12 or more Ironman races. The more IM's you do, you will move to the top of the lottery list.

“We’re changing how our lottery works,” Messick explained. “For athletes who have done 12 or more Ironman over their career – and who are still racing – we are going to make sure that they have a chance to race Kona.

“It might take a little bit of time to cycle them all in but we feel that you should have an opportunity to race Kona once in your life if you’re a serious triathlete, are serious about the sport, are dedicated and are loyal but you just happen not to be fast. I believe that being a long term triathlete and demorating by doing twelve or more fulls…you deserve it as much as people who are super quick.

“We’ll start by the people who have done the most and start ticking them off every year and eventually we’ll get through all of them.

I get it. I really do. I have no issue with those who run the Boston Marathon as part of a charity team. I can see how this gives those triathletes who have a ton of money to spend on 12+ races who are dedicated to the sport a chance to race Kona.It just reeks of another way for the WTC to make even more money (well, they are a business and Ironman is a brand). Remember Access Ironman??

But for ME personally-
these feet will not run from Hopkington to Boylston Street until these feet run fast enough to qualify for it.
and respectively,
these arms will not stroke
these legs will not pedal
these feet will not run
the hallowed grounds Ali'i and Queen K until I qualify.
I might be 99 years old but...that is how I feel about it FOR ME.
(feel free to ask me again when I am 60 and still gunning for a Kona slot!! lol)

Speaking of an insane amount of Ironman races...
I have someone to introduce you to very soon.
He is on a mission and looking to break another world record.
Not for his own sake but to help a great cause.
Find out why he is Tri'ing to Give a Dam.

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Katie said...

I didn't know you were coached by Sonja! :)

So much crazy badassery last weekend!

ltlindian said...

What happened to those feet?? OUCH!! Kudos for her for pushing through that! wow!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wellington is a legend, I admit, I am not a fan of the pros, I dont disguise it, The age groupers are the real heart and soul of our sport, but Chrissie is a legend

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

i don't even know what to say about those feet but ouch and well earned! Amazing women! Pinterest? not sure how to describe it. A place to "pin" things that you like for inspiration on all subjects. I am still figuring it out.


You might have me to thank for the WTC 12 finishes and you are in Kona ruling. I emailed Messick and gave him several suggestions on mixing up the lottery of which this was a variation. He actually thanked me for my suggestions, didn't know he would act (I am sure other old guys wrote him too)

And since I am approaching 60....
Only 7 races to go..

And, I am going to coach the coach here... zero blisters since starting to use Sportslick. One quick 15 second application at T1 and no blisters.

Now if she could teach me to go 10:07 I could skip the 12 step ruling.....

Colleen said...

Chrissie rocks, but so glad that you listed three other ladies who kicked major butt! :) They are all awesome!

I'm kind of with you on the qualifying thing. I won't do either unless I qualify, which wouldn't be until I'm 60 and at that point, people in my age group will still be beating me so it might always be a pipe-dream!

Jason said...

Love that they took that pic of the feet. Great memories.

The race was epic and you left out Coach Claudia: 10:39

When is NBC going to put out the video? I need that!!!!!

Teamarcia said...

I loved reading this! I adore Kona IM although I may never be a triathlete. What an awesome coach you have. Very inspiring!
Ouch on the feet.

Mike @TheIronYou said...

I can feel the pain by looking at those feet.
Anyway, congrats!!!


Suz and Allan said...

Ouch! That made my feet hurt but those were well earned "war wounds".

Kelly said...

Love your comments about WTC...I just wonder when people will start to say enough is enough!!

Also...I didn't know you were coached by Sonja. I'm joining the crew next month! :)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

OMG, those feet!!!!! She is badass, wow!

I agree with you about the 12-IM WTC thing. It is a great way to recognize loyalty. No different then a frequent flyers program or a points system on a credit card.

However, if I ever got to 12 IM's without qualifying the old-fashioned way I probably would not want to get in this way. Oh, and I have never registered for the Kona lotto either (-:

goSonja said...

Okay to be perfectly honest, the "Kona" foot was a result of the race and the 2011 foot was me against the coral the next day...coral won. The blisters started on the bike. Hotter asphalt, feet swelled, blister happened. Last year I lost 6 toenails, but 0 blisters, this year 1 toenail, but evil blisters. Same shoes. You just never know what you're going to get, luckily none of it hurts until afterwards.

What a fun post, I am really excited to be part of your progress going forward!