Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIAW: Keepin It Clean!

I kept things mostly clean while in Jersey with the exception of some decadent desserts (can you say ricotta cheesecake from Al Di La? mmmm)
ricotta cheesecake from Friday night
I did have an absolutely delish salmon putanesca with squid ink pasta. 
so so good!!

Simple, easy foods are a part of my every day life.
Like this easy dinner...
grilled chicken
brown rice "cous cous" with broccoli and shredded carrot
steamed asparagus (a favorite!) 

Spring time is here and that means my garden will soon be in the ground. 

Spring showers are perfect for running...after this long winter, I won't complain!

 My new favorite snack is strawberries with walnuts. A wonderful combo!!

Today I am detoxing my body and feel amazing...lots of fluids and good nutrition.
Good things...

What are YOU loving right now?
What is YOUR favorite snack? 

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Anonymous said...

Watermelon & grapefruit!