Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Powerful Prudie

I’m currently New Jersey bound with a car load of friends on our way to a nutritional education weekend and I am so excited to learn and be with amazing, like-minded people!

I came across this saying a while ago that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with and if that is the case, I am pretty happy with the choices I make and the people I spend my time with day to day.  

I love what I do and being able to help people reach their goals-and I am blessed to be part of a team that is so awesome. I truly feel blessed.

One person on this team of amazing people is my friend, Prudie Duross.

Meet Prudie, age 47. Here’s a bit about this sassy gal…A bit over a year ago, Prudie started using our nutrition program to feel better and drop a few pounds. She reports that she had no energy, “could not get out of her own way” and would be in bed by 7:30 every night. She lacked mental clarity and focus.

Prudie is an accountant and during tax season, she works 60-70 hours per week and is also on the local Fire Department call force. She is also a fire investigator and photographer for the department. So as you can see, a lack of energy and focus could be detrimental to her career!

Once Prudie started her program (which was a nutrition shift with minimal exercise added), within two weeks her energy levels were up and she was feeling great! She was no longer falling asleep in her chair after work, she would now come home and workout, do stuff with her children, get the house cleaned and prepare dinner for the family. After her first 30 days, she was down 17lbs and feeling like a new woman!

In the last year she has lost a total of 55lbs and 78.75 inches!! She has completely transformed her body and improved her quality of life.

I asked Prudie to share a bit with us about her transformation!

What would be your biggest piece of advice to give someone who wants to get started on their own journey?

If someone wants to get started, I would recommend they really need to be fully invested in their journey. Without the right mindset, it is so easy to get derailed by others and your own negative self talk! Talk with family to get them on board with support, especially during the initial few weeks.

What is your favorite moment in your journey?

My favorite moment in my journey was when my daughter took my picture after a year on the program & I put the picture side by side with my before picture. It was not until then that it truly sunk in that I had completely transformed my body composition & metabolism. I could not see what my results truly were when I looked in the mirror. It is so important to take photographs at the beginning of your journey to be able to have the motivation to keep going & to truly document your journey.

If you could go back in time to the "old Prudie" and say just ONE sentence to her, what would it be?

I would tell the "old Prudie" ... You need to make yourself the priority & follow what is in your heart, not what everyone else wants or expects you to do!

What is your favorite meal?

I do genuinely look forward to my breakfast each morning which is almost always egg white omelette with spinach, parmesan cheese, chive & sometimes asparagus or tomatoes, with half a whole grain English muffin w/ all natural peanut butter.


Marnee A said...

Okay, Jen I think I need some more information about this "program" If you could email me at hippygyrl@gmail.com that would be great.

Angel Blue said...

That is wonderful thanks for sharing

Erin said...

Wow! What an amazing transformation & inspiration! Thanks for this!

Leah Smith said...

Jen I would also like some information on this program. I feel like I have the activity part down but you can't out exercise a bad diet!