Saturday, November 30, 2013

WIN AWESOME STUFF! Team Fight Fundraiser

Thanksgiving was yesterday and one things I am always thankful for is my HEALTH.

There was a time when I was not very healthy--battling high blood pressure, high blood sugar, I was obese and my resting pulse was thru the roof. If I had not taken steps to fix my life, I could have ended up on a multitude of meds.

Others are not so lucky. I have so many friends and family members who have been touched by cancer.
Recently a very young friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, they got the cancer quickly but she had a double mastectomy and is recovering from that, ready to battle what's next.

In 2011, Rev3 had teamed up with Ulman Cancer Fund and Team Fight to help them help others who are battling cancer. There was the Run Across America, the Key to Keys ride and of course, the Half Full Triathlon!!

I joined forces with Team Fight this year and have just a couple short weeks before fundraising is done for the 2013 season. In an effort to meet my goals and THANK YOU for supporting this amazing cause, I am doing a FUNDRAISING RAFFLE DRIVE!!

For every $5 donation to my page, you will get an entry into a multitude of prizes available!! You can even designate WHICH prize you want your "ticket" to go into...or you can have fun and and choose a WILDCARD entry.

So what's up for grabs??

Well, how about an awesome REV3 VISOR!? Since I am rarely spotted without one on my head, it's only natural that YOU should win an awesome one for yourself!!

 I am POWERED by POWERBAR Products so I have a plethora of yummy Powerbar yummies up for grabs!!

 There will be THREE (3) cases of Powerbar Gel available
Vanilla and Berry and Chocolate

To keep you hydrated and recovered, I am also offering one jar of Powerbar Perform and one jar of Powerbar Recover!!

And you gotta look cool when not training, so how's about a REV3 TEE??

Tis the season to be swimming so you will NEED this awesome TriSwim package from SBR Sports!!

I will even through in some awesome FOGGIES to keep your goggles clear!

So how do you enter to win these cool prizes??

Visit my FUNDRAISING PAGE --->> HERE  <<--- and="" b="" donation.="" enter="" nbsp="" your="">

You can comment here with how many entries you earned and what prizes you want to be entered to win...or you can just keep it fun and I will put them in randomly so it will be a surprise!!

If you want to remain anon with your entries, that is fine too! just email me at jsmall14(at) and let me know which prizes you wanna win!!

The deadline is December 15th.
All winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries.
All prizes are provided solely by me. 

Training is Easy. Cancer is HARD. 

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