Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's Up Wednesday & A Winner

So...what's up?

Mother Nature is being funny in Maine. Last week I was running in a tank top and 60* sunshine

yesterday I was running with frozen snot hanging from my face. 

yesterday was only a hour run, (just about 7 miles) and I have the perfect loop around my house. It was COLD, temps said 33*, "feels like" report was 20's and the winds were pretty cold. It was the last 2.6 miles HOME where the winds got brutal. OUCH. 

But welcome to Maine. It is November. This should be no shocker that it gets cold here.

What's YOUR weather challenge? Do you like hot? cold? 

Ever since I finally got the courage to cut off all my hair, I also got the courage to have a little fun with it.  I got it set into my mind that I wanted pink hair. Of course, Pinterest was of no help...

with my new cut I knew that I wanted it pink just in the back, underneath. I could NOT find a pic that would show my hair stylist what I wanted...then on a visit there, the salon owner had exactly what I wanted (just a shorter version). 

It's more purple right now...but we needed to do that to cut the "yellow" in my hair. Im really digging the purple actually. Pretty soon it'll be HOT PINK. And we cut a little more off too...

My parents hate it.
My daughter thinks it's cool.
My husband is indifferent.

I love it. It's fun and it's me. 

I finally feel like I have my running mojo back...I missed it. I am looking forward to the long runs again and being out in the cold yesterday made me feel so ALIVE. I loved it. 

So to all my Southern California friends...I'll be there in February!

Speaking of running...I recently got a pair of Athleta Bare Run capri pants in (REV3) blue which are AhhhMaaazing. The color is awesome and they are super cute. Never mind super comfy. Totally rocking my world right now. 

What's something NEW you have that is making you smile? 


WINNER: Now to announce the winner of my Old Pool Glassworks giveaway. Chosen at random by writing the entries down on paper and picking out of a Powerbar hat...

Jen, please hit me up so I can get you in touch with Renee to design your prize!!

Thanks to all who played along! I have some more really fun, cool giveaways coming up very, very soon!


Anonymous said...

Cute!!! I love your hair.
Waaiz's choreographer at the theater is Ms Jen, She is blond and has purple in her hair :)
I didnt know you wear headbands...I have to make one for you.A nice warm wool one!!!! Blue???
- Haniya

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I want to see the ENTIRE head!!

Jennifer Boudreau said...

I like you too much to hit you!!! I cannot wait to see the hair reveal!!! ;) Yay for winning. I'll email you. Yippee!!!

Scott said...

I like the hair..both the length and color. Just an FYI,,mine is now long and grey...;)

middleagedrunner said...

I love your hair! As everyone knows mine is pink (like, really pink) for most of the year. Eric loves it, all the kids want it and my parents have learned to expect silly things from my hairstyles. So good for you 😃

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

love the purple soon to be hot pink! so pretty. We are having the same crazy weather fluctuations here in Montana. Monday it was 19 and windy, yesterday 55 and sunny. Saturday will be back to cold and snow. awesome

Carrie said...

Love the purple!

Carolina John said...

Great choice going purple! It will match your fingers when you're running in 33*. wowsers.