Wednesday, July 27, 2011

YOUR thoughts...

My last post was about some random thoughts I was having about Timberman.

Now-I am asking for YOUR thoughts!

For those of you who have done 1 or 1000 half iron distance (70.3) races, what do you want to say? what advice can you share? Tips? What did you wish you knew going into your first race?
Anything you have to share is welcome.

Even those of you who have never run a mile, done a triathlon or any kind of race, whatever!
I would still love to hear from you too!


Jason said...

Is there a word count for blogger?

Here is my advice in no particular order and what I plan on doing for my 2nd 70.3 later this year.

1- All liquid nutrition on the bike and the run. I am not messing around with food one bit. The liquid gets me hydrated and it has calories which get me my nutrients plus my electrolytes are covered.

2- Study the course for the bike. I knew going into IMCA that I had to hold back on the first 25 miles b/c of the 3 mountain climbs afterwards and I executed that plan perfectly. I road the Longhorn course Sunday and know that for the first 18 miles I can take it easy and then explode and leave my worries behind as it is flat from there on out.

3 - Don't look at it as 1 race but instead 3 races of which you are fully capable of completing all 3 and doing so very fast.

4- Drink water or dump some over your head at each station on the run to cool down your core at the very least.

5- Smile the entire time as this will help you mentally fight whatever demons show up.

6- check, re-check, re-check all your gear before leaving your house, your hotel, your manic about it b/c you don't want to leave anything behind.

7- HAVE FUN!!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Stick to your plan, but have a plan b and c for "just in case"

Thank volunteers

Before you run into the finishers chute, put your sunglass on, zip the tri top back up, straighten yourself up and smile, gotta have a good finisher photo

ltlindian said...

I don't have much advice but I do know that you are going to do great! You have done all kinds of training so you will be ready! I can't wait to stalk you.... lol!


Start the swim to the outside..
Grease your feet lightly for bike and run
Enjoy yourself....

Melissa said...

Good luck! Don't be afraid of the hills. Don't walk for any reason. Just slow down if you have to.

Kacie Darden said...

Keep up with your nutrition plan. This is the distance where it can start to get to you if you don't! Have fun!

misszippy said...

I"ll share with you what my old coach (Troy Jacobson) taught me years ago: A good bike will set you up for a good run. Really concentrate on getting your fuel in on the bike and pacing it out correctly so that you can feel great on the run. Good luck!

Beth said...

I am doing my first 70.3 this weekend so maybe Sunday I will have some words of wisdom for you. Good luck at your race - sounds like you are ready to kick butt.

Colleen said...

Ahhh - so much that I could say. I think the best piece of advice is to fake that you do this all the time. By that I just mean, be confident! You've done the training, you know you are prepared. Go out there and believe in yourself. :) OH... and have fun - smile a lot, thank the volunteers, tell other racers good job even if they look like they might die. It'll make you feel so good inside!

I'm super excited for you!

Miguel Vieira said...

No matter what advice you decide to follow make sure you have fun!!! Has the reason why we all do this! I'm sending you lots of positive energy from London and can't wait for the RR.

Caratunk Girl said...

You are going to rock this Jen.

The best advice I have is to break it down mentally.

SWIM - I break it down like 1) 1st turn buoy, 2)2nd turn buoy, 3) bring it home.
BIKE - I don't do only liquid nutrition, do what works for YOU in training. Don't change things last minute. Do what has worked in training. BUT take in calories on bike - super important. Break the bike down into sections. The first part is climbing, then you go out, you go back (false flat downhill/uphill on those), you climb that short hill and then fly down back "Home"
The run. - get your legs moving. I break that up too into like, 4 5ks mentally. Pay attention to nutrition and hydration.

SMILE. It makes the hurt hurt a little less. Thank all the volunteers, without them you wouldnt be racing.

I always dump water on my head in the run.

Jamie said...

Give Chrissie a big sweaty nasty hug at the finish if you have a chance. I wish I did.

Keri @ Blue-Eyed Runner said...

oh my gosh good for you! I am so afraid of triathlons!!