Thursday, July 21, 2011

GU Giveaway & Other Stuff

Did you enter my big GU Giveaway??
What are you waiting for-go on and enter!!


THIS weekend Mandy (aka Caratunk Girl) will be in Lake Placid completing 140.6 miles of amazing. Feel free to stalk her like I will be doing-Go to -- she is bib #312. I will also be stalking a couple tri club members who are completing this race this weekend as well!

Best wishes Mandy, Meg and Jeff!!

This weekend I am planning a redemption brick considering the epic fail that was Monday's training session. I know all the elements that went into creating a fail of a run and I am hoping to fix that and have a GOOD one on Sunday.

Next weekend is Tri for a Cure-last year I volunteered at the event and really enjoyed it. This year I will be working with Mandy (soon to be IronMandy) and SBR Sports, the makers of Tri-Slide and Foggle at the SBR Tri-Pit! I am super excited to be hanging out with Mandy, pimping out some of my favorite tri accessories and cheering on the Tri for a Cure Athletes!

Next weekend is also a pretty big training weekend. My second race simulation on Saturday (1.2 mile swim/50 mile bike/6 mile run) and then on Sunday it's a 14 mile run. I'm not sure what time Mandy and I are going to start on Sunday so I am going to try and sneak in the 14-miler at some point!

Happy Thursday!! I'm off to swim now...

2nd buoy at Kennebunk Beach at last week's Sprint Night


Tri4Success said...

Have a great brick! Master the art of masonry!

Jason said...

How awesome that two of my favorite bloggers and ME girls are getting to hang out. That is awesome!