Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#TriDailyChallenge WIN FREE RACE ENTRIES to Challenge!

So how stoked do you think I was when I found out that Rev3 would be joining forces with Challenge to become ONE giant, awesome family!!?? I was super stoked...being an avid fan of Chrissy Wellington, I was well aware of Challenge races, especially ROTH for a long time. Knowing the clout that this company carries around the WORLD of triathlon, I was excited to see what the future would hold...and what would happen to my beloved Rev3 Team.

Lucky for US (the team) Challenge kept the team intact and we were able to expand our team to Canada and Mexico! Summit this year was again, amazing...and I did not suffer from food poisoning like I did last year!! was a blast and I love the new additions to our team. 

The Challenge Family is ROLLING right into 2015 with some fun stuff. On Monday, they started the #TriDailyChallenge. Check it out: 

It Starts TODAY! Everyday for 30 days, we will present a NEW challenge for you. The FIRST Week is all about Getting Focused and Organized with the New Year.

2/9 TRI-DAILY CHALLENGE #1: List your TOP 5 goals you want to achieve in 2015. Jot it on a Post It, or add to your Notes App, or write it on computer and print it. Place it somewhere where you can look at it everyday to be reminded of your goals and what actions you need to do. Whether next to bathroom mirror, computer, or on refrigerator—take a PHOTO and and UPLOAD it to Instagram or Twitter or email/upload through this ENTRY PAGE Be sure to use Hashtag ‪#‎TRIDAILYCHALLENGE‬ to be entered for chance to Win FREE Challenge Family race!

I just LOVE today's #TriDailyChallenge

2/11 TRI-DAILY CHALLENGE # 3: Wake Up Productive.
Now that you have your goals (do challenge #1)—how are you going to realize them? A trait that highly successful people have in common is having a morning ritual they follow every day. A productive morning routine will help clear your mind, energize you, and prepare you for a successful day ahead. 

Whether your routine is waking up at 5:00 AM; drinking a glass of water to hydrate; meditating for 10 minutes; doing a morning workout, eating a healthy breakfast, walking your dogs, and starting work etc. — Your morning ritual will anchor you, keep you focused, and improve your PRODUCTIVITY.

UPLOAD a photo of your new morning ritual to Instagram or Twitter or email/upload through this ENTRY PAGE: Be sure to use Hashtag #TRIDAILYCHALLENGE to be entered for chance to Win FREE Challenge Family race!

Here is my entry for today:

I go to be early each night because I wake up early...way too early for most, every day. My day starts at 3:15am when I check emails, drink my tea or coffee, wake up and enjoy the quiet silence of the morning.

I think of my goals for the day, the planned classes/clients and my own workouts. I do some positive reflection and think about my goals; for the day-the week-the month-the season. 

I pack up my giant gym bag with all the essentials I need for the day (water, electrolytes, snacks, protein shakes, gear for swim/bike/run/lift) then it's off the the gym for 5am most every day. 

I love getting up early and attacking the day. I enjoy having accomplished so much by 10am. 

This month, the focus is on getting back to a normal training schedule, keeping the nutrition clean and getting to my body composition goals. IT'S BEEN A GREAT WEEK SO FAR!!

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