Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family, Swim, Work, Bike, Run,...Train?

This has been the weirdest triathlon season for me...ever...and it has not even started yet!

Looking back, I never took any time off from training (other than a few weeks here and there) and always went back full force-I love training. I feel so good and I dig having a schedule. After Cedar Point, I took a bit of down time and focused on family, my daughter starting Kindergarten and increased my hours working quite a bit.
My  Y Posse-after rocking out 200 push ups! 

I am a Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach, I am self employed as well as working for my local YMCA (which I enjoy tremendously). I am coaching a group of athletes this year that are already making me beam with pride for their dedication, tenacity and drive!! Several new triathletes were born just a few weeks ago!

Karen, JDP, Marc, Abby, Kate
my local "kids"

This fall and winter I was also the Asst Swim Coach for our YMCA Swim Team, the Manta Rays and I learned so much and worked with an amazing group of young athletes, from age 8 up through High School. I got so much joy out of seeing these kids progress over the season and I look forward to returning next season.

I am also a weight loss coach, working with about 50 people right now that are totally rocking their programs and seeing some massive results. I love what I do and I get so much from seeing others succeed and reach their goals!! It's amazing...and I am lucky to call this work!

I went from working about 15 to 20 hours a week to 45+ and honestly, I have been struggling to balance it all. Training took a back seat and I have been feeling lost--without direction or focus.

I don't like not having a plan...or a Coach. Since I was feeling so unsure of what I would be doing race wise this season, I did not think it was fair to take up Carole's time without knowing what I wanted or needed.

Two podium finishes last season (Maine half and Cedar Point full) got me a slot to the AG Championship Series in Knoxville and I was stoked. Until about 4 weeks ago when I said "Hmm, think you might want to start training?" 

Honestly, I am no way prepared to race a Championship series and call it ego or whatever, but I don't think that I should be there toeing the line to that race unless I am there to RACE. Right now, I am just getting back into my own schedule and figuring things out for the 2014 season.

Rev3 Maine 70.3

Cedar Point 140.6 

Additionally, the cost of shipping my bike down there was also an issue and did I want to spend over $400 to ship my bike to Tennessee and not really race? HECK NO.

I am still going to Knoxville...and I will relay with my beautiful, smart and funny teammate, Holly --

I am going to run the GLOW RUN 5k without worrying about being off my feet. 

I am going to volunteer at the kids race Saturday and give back to a race company that does so much for me (Thanks Rev3).

I am going to cheer on my teammates and friends that ARE racing the AGC race!

I am going to enjoy spending time with friends and teammates that weekend. 

Am I bummed? Of course, but I knew darn well that I needed to get my behind in gear and prep for this race in January...then somehow it was April. 

I will learn how to balance full time work and being self employed...along with family...and everything else that needs to be done.

SO for this season, I want to focus on my run and get back to shorter, harder races (Oly) and some 5k's... then end the season with a bunch of half's (Maine, Poconos, Florida) and perhaps another stand alone marathon. 

Oh, and did I mention a fall 200 mile relay in the mountains of Kentucky...and a Spartan Race in the fall? :) (stay tuned for some fun Spartan stuff coming btw...hint hint)

After the break, I am feeling renewed and ready to tackle new challenges and have some fun this year!!

Psssst: make sure you look for the June issue of ALL YOU magazine hitting the shelves early May. You might know someone in there...


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I love that you've made fitness your life's work and sharing that joy with others. I need to find something I can do since I can't run OR walk.

Jen Small said...

Oh Linda, that's a bummer :(

I do love what I do! It is my "calling" :)

Jen Small said...

Oh Linda, that's a bummer :(

I do love what I do! It is my "calling" :)