Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 Things Thursday

3 Things Thursday: What's going on in my world today? 


As part of my 2014 SEASON OF FUN, this weekend several of my athletes are doing a local mud run, The Into the Mud Challenge.  This sold out race promises "Filthy Fun for Everyone" and being mud season here in Maine, why not?
I have avoided these types of races close to tri season for fear of injury risk but since Knoxville is all about having fun, I am excited to share this experience with my "kids". They are somewhat regretting inviting me to come and play because my little competitive beast is coming out and I am all "LET'S KILL IT" and they are all like...NO! Let's just have fun. I say you can race hard and have fun too, right!?? Plus, there are mud and obstacles :) Sounds like the perfect time to go hard and have fun!

Do you do obstacle course runs and races? 
(if you are a Spartan Race fan, stay tuned! fun stuff coming up)


Lola's 1st race at 18 months old-a .25 mile track run! 
Speaking of races, did you know that Knoxville has a KIDS TRIATHLON? Yes! It's called the REVVIE. I am hoping that this will be coming to the Maine race too so Lola can participate! She has done the Kids Adventure Races with Rev3 and has done several kids runs...this would be really cool to have her to her first tri with Rev3.

The distances will be broken up by ages:

Athletes will be broken into two groups by age.
Ages 6-9
  • 150 Yard Swim
  • 2 Mile Bike
  • .7 Mile Run
Ages 10-13
  • 250 Yard Swim
  • 4 Mile Bike
  • 1.25 Mile Run
Lola's amazing finish at Rev3 Maine GLOW RUN 

Do you have children that race? Let's hear about it!!


FOOD! What am I noshing on lately??

Well, somewhat controversial in the "EAT CLEAN" camp is the powdered peanut butter, PB2.
Now, as someone who could eat an entire jar of peanut butter or almond butter in one sitting, I was happy finally try this out and I have been adding it to my IsaLean Pro shakes.  Mixed with my chocolate shake, it gives it a fantastic PB chocolate flavor without the nearly 200 additional calories (plus, it mixes up easier and I don't need my blender if Im on the go)

Food Babe did a post on PB2 and it's atrocities, the comments are just as interesting as the article itself. While I am an advocate of EAT CLEAN and this PB2 does not fall into my 100% clean category (it's processed and it has added sugar) I did not throw the PB2 in the trash and run for my life. It is a NON GMO crop and the ingredients consist of peanuts, sugar and salt, with 1g of sugar per 2 TB serving. I have no fear of the fat in regular peanut butter and I tried this product specifically to add to my shakes.

I did discover that there are alternatives available such as JUST GREAT STUFF, which is non-GMO as well, organic and uses coconut sugar. I will give this a try.

What are you thoughts on PB2? Have you tried it? 

In other food news, my new favorite snack is strawberries paired with walnuts.

As seen on my Instagram...two days in a row!

What's going on in YOUR world today?

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I have tried PB2 and don't know what to do with it other than add it to my shakes, which I agree add a nice PB taste and mixes in fairly easy. I didn't realize however it was so atrocious, my bad. oh well can't win them all!