Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Knocked Out & No Knox

Whoa, ok. First, apologies for being an absent blogger for the last two weeks. With my schedule changing up so much in the last two months, I am still trying to find a way to balance everything and well...blogging was one of the balls that got dropped. Which I am totally ok with since the other balls I am juggling right now are very important!

The last several weeks have certainly been a roller coaster of all over the place...literally.

Mid-April, I traveled down to beautiful Short Hills, NJ for a coaching clinic with the USAT.

Newark NJ and the NYC Skyline off in the distance

I had heard many mixed reviews about these clinics and the amount of information provided but I was overall pleased with the experience. I got some good info to take home from Jesse Kropelnicki's talks, especially about nutrition. Shelley O'Brien was a great speaker and had a great way of explaining things so they were easy to understand--you can tell she is an educator at heart.

I have not spent that much time sitting and doing NOTHING in a long time!

*nerd alert*
...and yes, I am THAT student. The one that sits in front and eats every word the teacher says.

I drove home immediately following the classes and what is normally a 6-ish hour drive was actually a 8 hour drive with traffic...I was so ready to get out of the sitting position!

Driving thru Short Hills, cheery trees in bloom

9pm traffic jam in CT. REALLY?? at 9pm??

My travel plans for Rev3 Knoxville started falling apart (hotel changes, friends unable to share with me, I was driving vs. flying, blah blah blah) and it was turning into a freaking mess. I was pretty bummed since it was shaping up to be a pretty fun weekend and I would drive down with my team mate, Laura aka Frayed Laces. But mess after mess kept coming up so, considering all the travel issues and the thought of spending another 20 hours each way in a car, a chat with Coach put this "training day" on the back burner.

Training was going fabulous and I was heading into a pretty big build week with some awesome key workouts in the plan now that Knoxville was out. My run off the bike has been coming right along (yay!!) and I am finally seeing some solid swim gains.

Then BOOM! Lola got hit with a nasty stomach virus and was up all night sick (This was Tuesday).
Then BOOM! I got sick on Thursday and it was horrendous. Awful. I have not been sick like that in a lot of years.
Then BOOM again, the hubby got it just after midnight on Friday morning.
The entire house was on lockdown with this nasty norovirus. Quarantined. 

Rev3 Knoxville was this weekend and it was a tough day of racing. Cold water temps, cold air temps and lots of battling going on out there.

In hindsight, I would have been on the road and many hours into my drive to Knox when I was hit by this stinking stomach virus. Now, it was horrible enough at home...can you imagine being on the road?
and exposing my team mate(s) to this?
and being stuck in a hotel room?
unable to race in those conditions?

Funny how things workout some times...regardless, I wish I had been able to be there with my Rev3 peeps! A big shout out to all my Rev3 Team Mates and ALL the athletes who braved the elements on race day!

I love these pics from the Rev3 FB page, this is my friend John, with MultiSport Ministries. I just LOVE this picture!! That kit is awesome!!

Now that I am finally on the other side of this, it is time to go tackle some training and hope that this set back does not have a huge impact on my next race: REV3 Quassy, three and a half weeks from today!


Carolina John said...

Anytime you get to meetup with Laura it's bound to be fun. She really kicked it up a notch out there taking 4th female overall!

It was a nasty day and you would have been miserable. Staying home was a good call, you really dodged a bullet out there. But it is a big race at a cool venue so I can see the appeal. One of these years I'm going to get out there and race it too.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have toyed with the idea of getting USAT coaching certified, not to become a coach, just to do it and learn from it

Suz and Allan said...

Yuk, that stomach bug sounds brutal. Hope all of you are feeling back to normal now!