Tuesday, March 19, 2013

She Says: It's all about E-Motion

I have long been a fan of the Pearl iZUMi running shoes.
Even before I was lucky enough to be on the Rev3 Team and got to work with them as a team sponsor.

As seen here in Spring 2011 when the Streak II was released

Shortly after the Steak II became part of my shoe repertoire, I tried the tri specific shoe, the ISO Transition and did a majority of my triathlons in that very model in the 2011 season.

I once again rocked the ISO Transition in the 2012 season, as seen here on the Rev3 Maine course.

In January at the Rev3 Team Summit, we had the pleasure of touring the Pearl iZUMi headquarters.
While there, the team was introduced to the VERY NEW line of shoes that PI launched called

 Inspired by Efficiency, Designed for Motion (EM)

One big bag of colorful sneaks!

The new shoe line is completely different from the previous shoes.
The designs are new.
The names have changed.
There are more options.

This is the new E:Motion Tri N1 (men's) and I just love the colors!

Women's Health magazine even listed the new Pearl Izumi E:Motion Road N2 as one of the 7 Best Running Sneakers

So what is so different about the new Pearl iZUMi line? The thing that stood out to me the most was Dynamic Offset.

So what exactly IS dynamic offset anyway? Well this video does a great job at illustrating it...

The height difference between the heel and ball of foot is continually changing as the foot moves through out the stride. 


The wait is finally over! The new E:Motion line launched recently and is available on their website and in stores at select retailers such as RunningWarehouse.com and Fleet Feet and more.

I just ordered these and I cannot wait to get my toes in them!! Tim DeBoom was at the PI headquarters the day we were there and it was great to hear him talk about how involved he is in the development of the products.

Pinned Image

Working with 2x Ironman® World Champion Tim DeBoom, the Project E:Motion Tri N 2 was built to meet the harsh demands of Kona. The TRI N 2 is the long course model. The Seamless Upper gives chafe-free, sockless comfort while the E:Motion platform provides a smooth, fast transitioning ride all the way down Ali’i Drive.

I will be sure to let you know how awesome these are once I get my little big feet into them!



Tim also won the Norseman... (little known race and fact)
Race ends on top of a mountain..

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Oooh those sound and look amazing!