Friday, February 1, 2013

Team Rev 3, Day One in Colorado

The Team Rev 3 Summit was this past weekend in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and I was lucky enough to be able to go! What a whirlwind weekend for sure. It was great to meet up with my team mates from last season and welcome the NEWBIES to the team as well!!

I consider myself very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful organization like Rev 3 and blessed to be a part of a team that is truly a group of fantastic individuals. I've said it a million times, the sponsorship is an awesome perk but I'd be a part of this time even with none of these perks just because of the people-they are quality!

I had a early morning flight and got into Denver around 9:30am-just in time to meet up with my team mate, Elizabeth. We had decided to share a rental car for the trip so we could get around on our own schedule while there and this worked out great.

Elizabeth is a returning member to the team in 2013 but we did not really get chance to hang out in 2012. I knew within a short time that we would get along just fine--she is on-the-ball, hilarious and just as inappropriate as I am (if that is even possible). Plus, she was not shocked when I started stripping off my clothes in the parking lot of the rental car agency. Hey! When I left Maine at 4am, it was -5* (yes, that's below zero) and Denver was a very warm 65* - Denver mountain sun is a lot warmer than Maine sun. The fleece pants were coming off!

 I just wanted to drive right out to those snow covered mountains and play for days and days...
The two of us decided to drive to Boulder and check things out there. It was a mix of hippies, hipsters and bikes all over Pearl Street.

I spotted this bicycle get up immediately! Check this out-vintage QR frame with some HED's on it! so cool

 Then we decided to get personal with Spiderman

so mature!!

I had planned to meet up with my friend and athlete Scott (you must check out his blog, Train Fat Boy, Train) for lunch and a day of checking out the area and then a visit to my not-so-local bike shop, Kompetitive Edge.

After hanging in Boulder for a bit, we met up with Scott in Golden! What a lovely little town. I just LOVED Golden. We had all you can eat wood fired pizza and salad at this great little joint called Woody's. The napkins were bandanna's so again, Elizabeth and I were (again) very mature about it. I may or may not have walked out with said black bandanna.

After we had a lovely lunch with Scott and his wife, Scott and I went off to Kompetitive Edge and Elizabeth went for a walk around town with Kristine and her friend, Amity.

I was soooo stoked to finally get to KE and meet by "baby's" Godfather, Ryan.
(He built my QR and made her all pretty with her accessories)

 After haning out with the folks at KE, we made our way back to Golden. Scott had a team meeting with his Kompetitive Edge team, even though I consider myself a de facto member of the team, I was NOT formally invited (except by Brandon, thank you very much) so the girls went out for an evening walk and dinner in Golden.

We (Elizabeth, Kristine and Laila, Scott's adorable daughter) dined at a little place called Indulge.

Photo Tour

Indulge we did. 

I indulged in the Kobe Beef burger, Le French.

Kobe beef with a fried egg, thick bacon and smothered in Bearnaise sauce and served with some of THE BEST sweet tater fries I've ever had!!
If you are in the Boulder area, definitely make the trip to Indulge.

Then it was time to walk off a bit of dinner...

Golden CO

Riding the bull in front of The Buffalo Rose
...and ride the bull in front of the local saloon! And yes, I am wear JEANS. A very, very rare sight indeed!

Elizabeth rode the local bike decorations-she is VERY aero in this pic!!
Laila on the "bike" 

Then it was time for B-E-D.
Laila so kindly gave up her trundle bed for Elizabeth and I to sleep in. Did I mention that Elizabeth is six feet tall???

The next morning would be time to play with the Team!
Did you enter to win some Injinji socks?
I'm picking a winner on Monday!!

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Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I hope you have more food porn than that, although that burger (and I'm not a burger person, I mean I like them, but I don't like like them) looks uh-mazing!


Fun stuff!!

Scott said...

We miss you guys already. Thanks for an Awesome..weekend.

Hollywood said...

That bike is AWESOME!! I love that in Boulder someone has HED deep aero wheels on their around town rig. Thank you flu-thing for making me miss out *grumble-grumble*

TriMOEngr said...

Awesome trip with awesome folks. Looks like a total blast!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

How fun, glad you had a good time