Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Weekend in Pictures-Part I

What a fantastic weekend! It was chocked full of awesome for sure.
This weekend was also the last big workouts before Quassy.
By the way, Rev 3 Quassy is NEXT WEEKEND.
So excited on so many levels.

So there was this little 90 miler bike ride that happened-
It was so much fun--great weather!

I left super early and met up with my training buddy, Marc (who did great--he stuck with me for almost 4 hours which is big volume for him)

Pit stop #1 was at Pine Point to inhale my favorite bike food-a Powerbar Performance Energy bar in Cookies -n- Cream! nom nom

The view for our snack break

loving my Quintana Roo cdo.1 

After we left the coast, we did a majority of the miles inland and then hit up the Revolution 3 Maine HalfRev bike course which winds through several farms. We actually had to STOP for COW CROSSING!
I could not get my camera out fast enough to capture the actual crossing but it was pretty cool!

The long gate opens up across the road to stop cars (and bikes) from passing while the cows move from one pasture to the other.
The super nice farmer moooooving the cows.

 Four hours in  and still smiling--this is when Marc and I parted ways and I went off on my own. I was soooo close to 90 miles at the 5 hour mark I just had to do a minute extra to get it :)

After my bike ride, it was time to work!! We have a wood stove and it has become tradition to cut wood and stack it to celebrate the official start of summer (kind of an oxymoron huh?) I affectionately refer to this as the WoodB!tch Workout...I have no idea how many "cords" (nor can I tell you just how much one cord is...) we cut and stacked this weekend but it was a lot!

 My boss, Lola, is a slave driver!

Functional fitness...stacking wood! That is one big pile I made :)

Recovery counts so this is how I relaxed later in the day

I finally got one of those Nook tablet things. 
Immediately downloaded The Big Book of Endurance Training by Phil Maffetone. (Imagine that...)

CHILLAXIN at it's finest-check out the beautiful veggie garden in the background!

This was my view from the hammock. Lola living it up in the back yard, running through the sprinkler.

...and this was my view at the end of the day. I guess an entire day out in the bright sunshine can do THIS to you...

Coon Eyes for sure

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What awesomeness did you stuff into this long weekend??


Suz and Allan said...

That's a TON of wood and OMG at the sunburn. That looks painful-hope it's not!

Jason said...

That burn looks painful but your face says otherwise. BTW - that is a great looking band-aid for sure.

You have a wood cutter? How cool are you?

And do you have a rear view mirror on your helmet? Or is that a wireless item for talking on the phone?

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh Jen... you look so red!!!! :) Girlfriend... pile on that sunscreen and protect your beautiful skin!

Love the braids in your biking pictures!

Congrats on a great ride and you are going to rock Quassy! WOOHOO!

Jen Small said...

Jason-the pic looks really, really red...I wasn't THAAT red (though hubbs says differently). Its all tan now.

it's a small mirror that attaches to my sunglasses. i like it when I am out alone--Daddy got it for me.

the woodsplitter is from my hubbs work, he works in the tree industry

and yes, that is a cool bandaid. from lola. i cut my finger on some wood.

Beal88 said...

Excellent weekend!!! Enjoy taper, you are gonna rock this race!!

Katie said...


I love the hot pink bomb you are on the bike. you are going to have SUCH a great time next weekend!

ajh said...

My awesomeness was a great race with my (adult) children. There used to be many places in Vermont where cows crossed the road but that never happens anymore.

Genevieve Garner said...

OMG girl! Ouch! Good thing that burn came before the bike ride...that could have made for one uncomfortable ride. But way to go on the 90 miler. I can't even imagine. You are are such an inspiration for me. One day I'll get there. One day.