Friday, September 3, 2010

Bonding with Old Bessie (once again)

Well, here it is already. It's Friday! and since I have decided that I have to hold myself accountable to the scale once again, that means it is time to have my weekly check-in with Old Bessie. Old Bessie is my scale for those of you that do not know this. We have been through a lot together and while she is usually good to me, sometimes she is a down right B!TCH.

Now I have a pretty "healthy" relationship with her. My view of the scale is comparable to that of a compass=I use it as a tool to measure what direction I am heading. I do not allow Old Bessie to dictate my mood for the day-or the week for that matter. That is why when I am getting down to the nitty-gritty of it all, I will also incorporate measuring as a tool as well.

This week I have been a good girl with my eats and I have had some good workouts (although I could have used a bit more time with some iron but that's another subject all together). I have even found a recipe to help with my ice cream addition (if that works out, trust me-I will be sharing the recipe)

So how did this week workout??

I am down 4lbs and zero change on my body fat % which leads me to believe that a lot of this loss is water weight. I will continue keeping the eats in check and working out hard and see what NEXT Friday brings. All I know is that I feel better this week eating the way I should be eating.

I am also happy to report that the nagging pains that have been plaguing me of late are starting to fade. I dare say that my run yesterday was nearly pain free *knock on wood*.

So I am heading to the track today with my Cuz Jana to run with the joggers. Yes, we are taking the BOB's to the track. This should be funny. I am bringing my camera just to capture THIS Mommy Running Adventure on film.

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Melissa Cunningham said...

i just had to lol about "ol bessie" bci named my very first vehicle that!!!
yay!!!! congrats on the 4lb weight loss! and of course for getting back on track.....
looking forward to seeing how the run with the joggers go!!!!
happy friday!

Andrew Opala said...

How do you calculate the body fat %?

JenniferLeah said...

@Melissa-that is TOO funny about Bessie!!
@Andrew-my scale gives me a BF% reading which is not entirely accurate since this can vary with how much water you are holding as well.

Teamarcia said...

EEK! BOBs on the track--now there's a good time!