Monday, February 17, 2014


I just got word from a friend that he Southern California home was robbed recently and the thieves made away with a ton of stuff--including their beloved bikes. These friends are endurance athletes and as I am sure you can imagine, the loss of a bike is a BIG deal. Sadly, they do not have insurance that covers these losses and they are devastated. I can't imagine...

Please share and maybe we can get these bikes back to their owners. If you see them listed, please let me know so I can pass this info along.

Here is a picture of 3 of the bikes that were stolen:

-Kestrel Talon w/HED race wheels, 
-Giant TCR Advanced with Campy components, 
-Focus Cayo w/Sram, black ISM Adamo saddle/black bar tape, 
(not pictured) GT mtb


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Carrie said...

Terrible! I had my bike stolen when I lived in Portland and the police found it at a local pawn shop. I hope they all get them back.