Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gate C14 - Florida Bound!

No time like the present to keep up on my promise to blog more! Here it is the second day of the New Year and I'm blogging already! (ha ha ha)

I am currently sitting at Gate C14 of Logan Airport in Boston, waiting for my flight south to Florida where I will embark on one of the most exciting adventures to date. If you have been a reader for a while, you know that I am headed to Miami to run the Ragnar Relay to Key West with 11 other amazing people. While we are running, we will also be filming a documentary film--From Fat to Finish Line!

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Time seems like just yesterday I was being asked to be a part of this amazing project.
I spent a lot of time in South Florida. During that time, I was in a very different mind set and my priority would have been more party focused than anything else. Having left that part of me behind quite a few years ago, it is going to be a very interesting experience being there--and running from Miami to Key West--with a very different, healthier set of eyes.

I am certainly expecting some tears to flow. Not sad tears, happy tears.
Happy that I am where I am right now.
Has it been easy? NO
There have been some tough times and struggles. But everything happens for a reason (or so I believe with all my heart) and each and every step brought me HERE.
To this moment.
To right now. 

To fully embrace the NOW and the NEW and THIS LIFE, I have to be thankful for the hard times and the pain. IT just makes it all so much sweeter NOW.

Every step I have taken has brought me right where I need to be.

I am so excited and ready for this. I have said before I started this blog to inspire others to change.
Now, being able to be a part of something so much bigger--to inspire and motivate MORE people through this film, it is just so awesome!!

So in a few minutes, I'll jump on a plane and head south.
And run a bunch of miles.
And make a movie.
And enjoy every minute of it.


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I can't wait to get there and meet everybody!!!

Stephanie Anne said...

So amazing!! Have a blast & I can't wait to hear all about it!

Tim said...

Enjoy the "now" of your travels! Have fun

living vicariously in Snowy NY


Missy said...

I've done a few Ragnar's and they are a blast!! Have a great time and be safe!

Karen said...

Have a great race & vacation - well deserved!

Lorenda said...

I've been following this story on this and other blogs. I think every one of the team members is amazing and I encourage you all to keep telling your story to anyone who will listen. It needs to be told. You people are proof that it can be done and people are doing it. I am a Respiratory Therapist and have heard patients give every excuse imaginable as to why they can't make the lifestyle changes that could so improve their lives.
I read in your story that you quit smoking and I applaud you. I have heard so many times from patients who have quit or who are struggling to quit about how very hard it is to do.
I cannot wait for the documentary "From Fat to Finish Line" to come out because I believe it is a very important story that needs to be told! I wish it could be required viewing in the ICU!!
I wish you great running and more fun that you've ever had in Florida!

Sheryl Mae said...

Hi Jen,

You are really an inspiration! I am looking forward for the movie you will be making. It's indeed awesome that you will be able to inspire and motivate more people.