Thursday, October 11, 2012

Swift Kick


Do you know GOTRIbal?
If yes, awesome.
If no, what's stopping you? Check it out...

GOTRIbal is a community of women empowering one another through sport. 
I discovered the GOTRIbal community when I started triathlon and I am happy to be an Ambassador for such a great (and growing) community. 

GOTRIbal isn't about a race.
Or a training program.
It's about transforming a person. A family. A society. A world
It's about paying forward the gift of health, adventurous living and strength.

I just love the positive message that GOTRIbal is sharing with the WORLD!!

As someone who has turned her own life around and discovered passion in endurance sports, GOTRIbal's mission is one close to my heart!

Last year the gals at GOTRIbal did a little Q&A with me you can check that out here


GOTRIbal empowers, engages and excites women through the journey of endurance sports, and offers members the connections, mentorships and resources to realize their toughest goals. Whether those be ON or OFF the race course, in or out of the gym -- it doesn't matter.
GOTRIbal's members will collectively impact the health epidemic of obesity in America and through their healthy, active lifestyles turn the tide on deaths resulting from low cardiac fitness.
Now GOTRIbal is launching a program that I really get a kick out of...

GOTRIbal announces their newest offering for women:
Swift Kick!
The Kick in the pants you need, with the tools you require, and meaningful connections you crave,  to rock the Commitment Day 5K,  in 35 cities in the U.S. on January 1, 2013.   
This is YOUR community. Your support system. Your new BFF's that will become part of your journey to a healthier, fitter, stronger YOU in 2013.

Besides, what else will you be doing over the Holidays that will be better for you?
(Drinking another sugar-laden cocktail at the office party?)

In The Swift Kick [in the ass!] 8-week program, you will receive:
  •  A formal training program, beginning Oct 29, that is designed to help you commit to doing something you’ve never done – Run/Walk 3 miles, or run the whole 5K!  This program will get you there with our Expert Coach, Wendy Mader!
  •  Access to a GOTRIbal Expert Coach to get your questions answered during the first week, middle week and last week of the program.
  •  A 24/7 exclusive online Tribe where you can meet and communicate with other women in the program; including your Coach!
  • Weekly Tips and inspirational notes from elite athletes like ultra-runner Dean Karnazes GOTRIbal Ambassadors, and women just like YOU.
  • Special surprise gear for you to wear during the 5K event on January 1!
Check out the GOTRIbal website for details on joining this awesome adventure!!

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