Friday, November 18, 2011

Four Things Friday

Missed Three Things Thursday so you get FTF today.
Four Things Friday!!


The Holiday Booty Buster Challenge starts TOMORROW!!
Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge
This is a fun way to keep tabs on your fitness over the holidays and there are great prizes to boot! I did not win anything last year but I had so much fun I just had to do it again.

After a long hiatus (like 3 weeks) I finally got my backside in the pool.
I just don't like swimming in the pool.
Put me in the ocean, I'll swim with a smile. I'll splish splash all over the lakes. I paddle like a princess all around the pond.
I just cannot get into a pool swim. So not an epic swim today but once I found my groove after a long warm up, I did manage to eek out a quick 1500m. I definitely need to get in the pool 3x a week.


Speaking of the pool, what the heck is up with goggles lately. I hate them all!! They don't fit well. Lucky for me I have some Foggle (swear by this stuff-it works! I also use it on my sunglasses. Keeps 'em from fogging up too)
A tri friend suggested a new brand (Vision?? I think) to me today and I am definitely going to check it out this weekend. Especially considering THING TWO.
Seriously, this is my little SWIM BAG OF TRICKS.

All my goggles and swim caps.
I'm open to suggestions.

What goggles do YOU love??


I have an awesome review and giveaway coming up this weekend!
*hint hint* It has to do with my new love of CrossFit!!!
Want to early an early bird entry??
I'll make this one easy.
Tell me about the hardest strength training workout you have done. 
Hands down it was Filthy Fifty for me.


Alisa said...

I'm a TYR fan for goggles but lately mine have been getting so foggy---grrr!

I just read about your Crossfit adventure. I tried it a couple of weeks ago and was literally sore for like 4 days. It felt like I had run a marathon. I'm dying to go back but it's pricey so right now I'm sticking with my newfound love of CorePower Yoga, also pricey but so totally worth. I'm ready to tone up and be ready to hit 2012 goals like a "beast."

Suz and Allan said...

Love the swim bag of goodies!

Hardest strength training workout is any workout where my husband is my trainer. Pull ups and plate workouts equal pain!

Laura said...

hardest workout (also crossfit)
5 rounds for time (FIVE)

200m run
20 pull ups
200m run
20 push ups
200m run
20 KB swings
200 m run
200 air squats

OMG I thought I would die! This is an 'endurance' workout in CF land!

Robin said...

I absolutely love Crossfit workouts. I usually do them in my garage! They're awesome! Especially for us busy moms on the go.

Laura said...

The ONLY goggles I like are the Speedo Sprint. The have a neoprene seal and are super comfy. I absolutely hate the rubber seal goggles and they always leak! I have been using Sprints since the 90s and I have yet to find a better goggle. They're totally old school, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Aaaaand...they're under 10 bucks!

Anne-Marie Constantine said...

Yikes! That video looks FUN! Can't say I'd be in good shape afterwards. LOL
I'd have to say my toughest strength workout in memory has to be: tire flips, tire drags, tire pulls, high jumps in/out of tire, and then farmer's walks. Can you say TIRING! LOL I needed a nap after that one. : )

StaceyL said...

I absolutely love Aguasphere goggles! So comfy and no fogging issues. I've also come to realize, especially with chlorine, that all goggles will eventually fog over time. I tend to buy new goggles approx every three months and it seems to solve the problem. Also if you put them on dry and dont get the insides wet (like the instructions on the package says) I have had good luck with no fogging. Try the Aguaspheres and see what you think!
As far as workouts go...Anything Stephanie D. does always hurts after!

Caratunk Girl said...

I love TYR Nest Pros....

fancy nancy said...

I really would love to try crossfit! There is a place near us but I've been nervous to try it out!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I havent swim since Oct 2nd

Toughest workout:20x 30 seconds on the trainers, all in my 53x15, all out, recovery 30 seconds, never shifting out of gear

Jason said...

What Mandy said. I swear by them. Never any issues with them until they just got old. And I need to get a new pair now, but they lasted over 2 seasons.

Julie Arts said...

I LOVE my TYR Hydrovision Mask. LOVE!

Despite my usual 1st horrible OWS of each season, I will TOTALLY take OWS over the pool any day!

Missy said...

I wear the cheapest Speedo ones. Not even sure what they are called but they never leak. I am gonna have to try the anitfog on my sunglasses. AWESOME tip. Thanks!

middleagedrunner said...

Hello fellow Mainer- new follower here! I must admit that I can't comment on goggles (unless they are umm, beer goggles perhaps) but I wanted to say hi and that I look forward to reading!

Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

Hmmm, it's been awhile since I lifted, but when I was in a regular routine I was benching my weight + 5lbs!! That was not easy! Looking forward to your giveaway!!!

Colleen said...

I've been through so many goggles. Right now I'm loving the TYR Nest Pros. I also like the Aqua Sphere Kayenne. Hope you can find something you like!